Thursday, December 25, 2003

random christmas thoughts

well the orgy of consumerism is almost over. don't get me wrong, i love the stuff i got (mostly clothes this year, which i cool since most days i wear those), but it just seems like so much, doesn't it? what's great about christmas though are the things that you remember that have nothing to do with what you got. things like....

laughing with my family about the dog peeing on the shirt i was supposed to get a couple of years ago and about movies we all like and about what a dork my dad is (in a good way)

making my dad chase me around the chili's parking lot in our cars

spending the day today playing with my kids' old and new toys (they got to play too)

fried egg sandwiches, dinonuggets and left-over pizza for lunch on christmas day because we'd rather play than cook

playing "sweet home alabama" with my brother in law and a couple of cousins in law once removed at the humphreys family christmas extravaganza (and watching kent and others dance to it -- wow) o, for the record, i don't think the candidate danced, and if he did -- he didn't enjoy it. (random punctuation is fun)

what's also cool is that tomorrow is december 26th and yet the party goes on!

wearing my new sweater (well, one of them)


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