Tuesday, December 16, 2003

o for the love of all that is good

nbc is defaming the single greatest christmas movie of all time. on saturday night they will be airing the world premier of "christmas vacation 2: cousin eddie's island adventure"


all i can say is why o why would someone think this is a good idea? come up with a new reality show, show reruns of anything, run a test pattern for two hours, but not this. what good can come of it? NONE! have we seen "A Christmas Story 2"? "It's a Wonderful Life 2"? "White Christmas 2?" (shoot, now i'm giving some nbc programming idiot more ideas) of course we haven't. why? because it is a bad idea. because it is blasphemous to one of the single most perfect peices of holiday film-making ever. because it centers on randy quaid with no chevy chase in sight. o the humanity!

i am declaring an official boycott of nbc (or as i now call it - the network that killed christmas - nkc). not that it will affect me much, since i watch almost nothing on nkc anyway, but a boycott it is! join me in taking a stand against blatant moneygrubbing at the expense of art. stop watching friends! turn off er! live your own fear factor! just say no!

i'm of to watch my copy of THE christmas vacation. (i won't be watching when nkc airs it on friday night). join me.


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