Tuesday, November 18, 2003

cool stuff in my world

ok, i was told today that i am disappointing my audience because i haven't blogged in a week. audience? ok, well sorry to both of you, but i promise i have a good reason (excuse)
1. it's hard to accomplish much of anything with two sick kids. it seems like every time i stop to think or write or do much of anything, one of our sick ones is in need. so instead of firing off random thoughtsfor the world at large, i have been wiping noses and cleaning buckets (use your imagination) and changing movies. it might shock you to know that i have realized that i was never called to be a nurse.
2. amazon and dave matthews have combined to drop some really cool stuff into my world over the past few days.
i got to spend a lot of the past week reading blue like jazz and the five people you meet in heaven. both are amazing books. blue like jazz is honestly one of the best books i have ever read. it is this guy just talking about his journey and the people who have been and are a part of it. it is a search for a deeper christianity than what gets trotted out on the average sunday morning or purpose driven life seminar. it is as well-written as anything i've read, especially from the "christian" media.
five people is an quick easy read. it is not a christian book so, go ahead and check your theology at the door. it deals with the connectedness of all of us to each other and how our lives mean more and affect more than we will ever realize.
in the midst of all my reading, i got my copy of dave matthews band's new live CD from their central park concert earlier this fall. WOW. i spent 3 hours last night listening through it (and didn't hear all of it).
so there you go. not terribly exciting or thought-provoking, but at least you had something to read for a minute or two.

go get blue like jazz


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