Thursday, October 16, 2003

reflections on 9-6

some random thoughts as i watched the last out of the NLCS tonight.

well, that means i can go to the OU game saturday
"wait 'til next year" hurts a lot worse in october than in june
i'm really, really glad i'm not steve bartman
at least i don't have to watch anymore baseball on fox
it's a good thing harry's dead, this would have killed him
i wonder if the pirates have any good relief pitchers we could pick up next year
looks like hell has warmed up considerably the last couple of days
i wonder if that champagne has been on ice since last sunday
i've only waited 25 years, still have 33 to go
man, this season has been fun
baseball absolutely is the greatest game around
i wish pop was still around, he'd have loved this

off to pick up my heart


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