Thursday, October 09, 2003

i think i have found my calling

driving around the other day i decided that i want to be the guy that designs the giant inflatable critters that get parked out in front of (or on top of) car dealerships. (drive down i-240 if you don't know what i'm talking about) think about it. sitting around all day deciding important things like, "should i put the neon green bathing suit on the giant gorilla with the surfboard or the giant dog with the sunglasses?".

where do these things come from? why do they exist? do they really make people want to buy cars? from what i can tell, the primary purpose is to cause kids to scream from the back seat, "LOOK AT THAT GORILLA OVER THERE!!!!" believe it or not, that will cause you to whip your head around and wonder what they are talking about, which in turn could lead to you have a wreck, which would lead you to need a new car, which would lead you to... hmmmmmm.


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