Friday, December 05, 2003

stuff i am wasting my time on

i have spent a ton of time today just surfing around (does anyone use that term anymore?) and reading tons of different stuff. in the midst of my journeys something hit me that i am not too terribly excited about. i realized that sometimes i am not a very thoughtful person. i don't mean that i forget birthdays and that kind of junk (although that is true too). i mean i find myself in these modes where i don't think much. i read and respond and move on, but i don't find myself thinking. i hate that.
i'm in one of those modes right now. i wish i could be thoughtful and insightful and creative for the things i want to be writing and for church and for music and poetry and life, but i'm just not. i'm just sitting here, watching the cursor blink and make fun of me 'cause i'm not making it move very much. that bugs me. i think i am a person that thinks, but right now i'm not thinking. (does that mean according to descartes i am not? oh wait, was that a thought?)
so not thinking has got me thinking (i think), what do i do that causes me to start thinking when i am not thinking? i don't know. i'm going to put on some miles davis and close my eyes and see if any thoughts jump into my unoccupied head. maybe i should post a vacancy sign over my left ear (i don't know why the left one) so thoughts feel like they won't be intruding on something else. hmmmmmmmm.

oh yeah...stuff i wasted time on today
lost and found -- i love this band. if you go, download the free christmas song.
moby's journal - i know, i'm not into his music either (well most of it anyway), but i was lookinng at something else and it linked to his journal and i thought (or did i) "what the heck" and i read his stuff for about 45 minutes. i think i could hang out with moby. i think he might even let me do it.
sites unseen - this is a massive links page with connections to over 2000 sites about the church, authors, musicians, emerging church stuff, historical church stuff, you name it. i could spend a lot of time here. oh wait, i did.
jesus radicals - don't worry mom, i'm not going to blow up anything anytime soon. i was reading a bunch of stuff by this guy named jaques ellul. very cool. (and rhymey)

enough. on to miles davis


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