Friday, December 19, 2003

balance and order are restored to the world (well kind of)

while i was sharpening sticks to attack nbc corporate headquarters over the last couple of days, this reminder of all that is good and just in the world comes into my vision.

Ball from Cubs' playoff loss auctioned for $106,600

the story is about the ball that steve bartman knocked away (or did he?) from moises alou in the playoffs. now normally i would hate this because it is just another example of a.) someone getting paid crazy money for doing absolutely nothing or b.) someone paying crazy money for basically nothing. but this time i am not offended (well, ok i am by the amount of money spent, but hang with me here). the guy who bought the ball is the owner of harry carey's restaurant in chicago and he bought the ball so that he can destroy it on february 26 during a world wide toast to harry. i am thankful to know that this hated piece of cubs history will be gone from existence soon. $106,000 though? wow.

now if we can just find that goat....


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