Thursday, December 25, 2003

oh yeah

the title of that was thoughts, so i guess i should have more than one (or did i?). anyway. i think that any corporation / business that is open on christmas day (or late on christmas eve -- you hear me bass pro?) should be run on that day by the most important people in the company. i want to see the president of blockbuster standing behind a counter if his people have to. it's pretty weak to make those folks give up their families to make you money. sure they get double time or whatever, but is 15 bucks an hour worth it? i bet most of them would rather be home.

shame on you blockbuster, conoco, phillips 66, movie theaters, walmart. geez, even car dealerships were closed today. props to 7-11 and every fast food place i saw and the one mall i drove by today. o and the chili's that was closed so the parking lot was empty so i could make dad chase me around.

i'm sure they give rip one about my opinion


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