Tuesday, August 30, 2005

walmart -- bastion of philanthropy

OK let me get this straight.
WalMart is going to donate one million dollars each to the salvation army and red cross for hurricane relief. Or about fifty cents per victim. Or all of their earnings for one five minute stretch. At the same time they are going to "accept customer donations" at all of their stores. So they are going to donate a million dollars and then allow people to come in, spend millionS of dollars in their stores on items to donate and then take those items back in order to get them to the people who need them. I guarantee you at the end of this there will be some statement about the millions of dollars in donations given "through" WalMart.
From the WalMart site.
More than 80 Wal-Mart stores are currently closed in the Gulf Coast states, but the company's Emergency Operations Center is working 24/7 with its southeast distribution centers - all standing by as the storm passes to send truckloads of product to communities as stores re-open.
Translation - we're closed right now, but we'll be ready to take your money as soon as you are allowed back in to give it to us.
Everyone stop lobbying for my humanitarian of the year vote. It's all wrapped up in blue.

You can click here to give to help out the Red Cross (without WalMart's help)

Not quite speechless


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