Sunday, July 31, 2005

oh wow

I had a visit to the reading blog this afternoon from someone who came from He's not kidding. I know lots of folks think Bush is evil, this guy thinks we should be searching his head for 666. (remember the omen movies?)
A quick quote from a questionairre he was asked to fill out.

1. Before I start: Do you really believe that George W. Bush is the Antichrist?
(Since your theory is so well and thoroughly researched one gets the impression that, apart from the curiosity of your claim, you really mean what you say. I am not making any judgments, I just want to know how serious you are.)

I simply present the case supporting the proposition that Bush is the Antichrist. Based upon my research, there certainly is a reasonable probability that he is the final Antichrist. I am not a prophet so I cannot say that I know he is the Antichrist. I hope that he isn’t. I simply present the evidence and let everyone make up their own mind.

Stick that in your Left Behind collection.


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