Thursday, June 30, 2005

a hand i want to shake

This is beauty. In a strong display of group dementia, the Supreme Court ruled this week that private entities can take property from private citizens if they can prove that will be of economic benefit to the community. In other words, if WalMart wants to build where you happen to live, all they have to do is prove their store will bring in more money than you pay in property taxes and you are handed a check and some boxes. Good luck. This is eminent domain on steroids.
So in response to this bit of judicial genius, this guy in California is petitioning the city government of Weare, NH to seize the home of Justice David Souter (one of the majority in the steal your house ruling) in order to build a hotel on the site. There's no way on earth it will ever happen, but I hope the guy in CA fights for a while just to give Justice Souter something to think about. Here's also hoping that the other justices in the majority find similar requests coming soon.

You can read the letter that started the process here

Press release on the building project

More on the Supreme Court ruling

To quote Yakov Smirnov (anyone? anyone?)
What a country!


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