Tuesday, June 14, 2005

this one's for you Cody!

Via Jesus Politics I give you...

The American Christian Flag!!!!!!!!

Unlike the Christian flag, which belongs to all Christians regardless of nationality or denomination, Eldreth’s National Christian Flag is unapologetically American.
In a press release dated May 28, she said American Christians today can display the same kind of “fighting spirit” as armies marching with their nation’s flag to war.
“Our enemies are, in part, domestic” she said. Along with being a “Wave Offering unto our Lord,” she urged supporters to view her flag both as a “declaration of war on Satan and his lies of liberalism and secularism” and “a prophetic proclamation of Christ’s second coming.”
“I am not politically correct,” she confessed. “Many here in northeastern Maryland have risen up, along with millions of other likeminded Christians, to come against the lies of secularism and liberalism. We are here to declare truth. That is the only way our nation will remain free. Christ is truth and His Word is truth.”

Please don't miss the "wave offering unto the Lord" line.
Cody, if it's any consolation, all I can hear is Eddie saying "Do you have a flaaaaagg?"
Onward "christian" soldiers (yes the quotes are in the right place).


Blogger Codeman said...

I am getting a new tattoo of that flag!!!!! SWEET!!!!!!! Nothing like battling those evil liberal satanists with the "cunning use of flags"

5:30 PM  
Blogger Codeman said...

I forgot to mention I really love it that there are 10 verses skipped from Mat 24:4 to 14 to make it say what, whoever designed this masterpiece, wanted it to say

8:39 PM  
Blogger J said...

WWJD? He'd kick some liberal secular butt that's what.
I knew you would love it. If you get the tattoo then you could do that wave offering thing all the time. Cool for you.

11:52 PM  
Blogger Codeman said...

You KNOW I am all about the "wave offering"......"Sir, the rebels are here"..."do they want tea?"..."No I think they're after more than that, sir...they've brought a flag"..."well, that's dash cunning of them"

7:40 AM  

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