Friday, June 03, 2005

That time of year again

Grown men carrying pink and black bags and roses. Snarling women on the attack with hairbrushes and lipstick. T-shirts! Stars! Glitter! It can only mean one thing - it's spring dance recital time!
This year had everything from the ridiculous to the sublime.
The ridiculous I'll leave to your imagination, only to say that 2-3 year olds in dance class is a lot of money to spend for photo opportunities.
The sublime? You'll never guess. I don't claim expertise in the area of dance, but I know Hannah can do it. She was beautiful and perfect and all of those things. I love moments that bring tears to the eyes and a smile to the face at the same time. There have been a bunch of those this week.

One Nathan-induced non-sentimental moment. There is one (1!) high school guy in the dance studio and after the first time he danced, Nathan turned to us and said, "I don't want that man to do that again."

Amen little man. Amen.


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