Monday, May 23, 2005

joyous it was

Saturday K and I sat with 500 other folks in the biggest theater in OKC to witness Episode III. I have to admit, for a couple of hours I was a seven year old kid again caught transfixed by the story and action and power of George's world. I sat next to a kid that was probably 8-9 and before the movie he was bouncing in his seat saying, "This is going to be the greatest movie I've ever seen!" over and over to himself. I knew how he felt.
I was a full-on Star wars junkie as a kid. My mom still has thousands of E-bay dollars worth of action figures and vehicles and playsets and more in her attic (not that I could ever bring myself to part with them) I can remember spending entire Saturdays with that stuff spread all over my room creating wars and worlds and loving every second of it (probably long after I should have been too old for it).
And now it has ended. (except for the TV shows that apparently are in the works) The beauty of timing though is that it ends just in time for me to start teaching Caleb about the joys of the force. We won't be costuming up for a convention, but we may be spreading some stuff out over a new room one of these days.
Sure I could focus on the goofiness of it all or the dialogue problems or even a continuity issue or two, but those are things that adults think about. When it comes to this, I do not want to be one of those.
Bring on the geek chants.


Blogger Codeman said...

"Only the Siths believe in Absolutes, Anakin"......Genius, just pure genius:)

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