Wednesday, April 27, 2005

a day to remember

Seven years ago this morning my grandmother passed away after an eleven year war with Parkinson's Disease. It destroyed her body while her mind and sense of humor and love for all of us stayed strong almost to the very end. I can remember her strong and fun and gung ho for anything (you would have to be with three grandsons like us) and I remember watching that slowly be taken away. She was a beautiful amazing person and a fighter even to the very last.

My family honors her memory and does what we can to help make sure others don't have to experience what she / we did by giving to Parkinson's research. Major drug companies don't help out much becaue there is far more money to be made in weight loss/anxiety/erectile disfunction (that should bring some interesting googles) than in eliminating wasting diseases like Parkinson's.
I was just thinking about her today and thought I'd encourage anyone who happens by to take a minute to check out a couple of the places where we give and maybe send a little help their way. Like we hear all the time, "Every little bit helps". Thanks for the indulgence.

The Michael J Fox Foundation
The Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

looking ahead to the end of all the loss


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