Friday, June 10, 2005

the funeral

I sat watching as dozens of kids walked past. Probably 150 18-22 year olds saying goodbye to their 20 year old friend who died among them a few days ago. Black, white, brown faces twisted with emotion. Some being strong, others breaking down. All looking. For comfort, for peace, for hope, for answers. Filing in a loud silence past the casket and back out into lives - the girl in her Sonic uniform, the soldier on duty - back into the world that led them to this moment and this place of God where most of them would never have come without him. The "real" world - the one of hurt and loss and looking for love and peace in broken people or deadly chemicals or temporary stuff.
I wanted to scream as they walked past - "He loves you! The Father Himself loves you! He knows all of it and He doesn't care. He loves you."

That's the need. More than theological arguments and seeking to define the unexplainable. I want my life and our community to scream into the world - the Father Himself loves you! Jonathan from CHBC did a great job stating that reality to those who heard, I pray that they will keep hearing it from random corners of their lives in the days to come. I pray that we (I) will start saying it better and louder in the days to come.
God loves you. You.


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