Sunday, June 19, 2005

dad's day

Good day today. Between great kids and an amazing wife they made the day a big deal for me. It's also cool that I got an extra 13 hours of Father's Day because one of my kids is that far away. (but not for much longer) Makes me glad to have them around (not that I wasn't already). I found myself thinking about three things off and on all day.
1. I have a great dad. He is the funny cool one in the office that everyone loves. I had a job at the place where he worked when I was a teenager and all I ever heard was how great and funny and wonderful dad was. I wasn't sure I bought it then, but what teenager would have? Now I know and I see all of the great things people say about him are true. One of the greatest joys of my adult life has been getting closer to my dad. We went through a stretch a year or so ago where we played golf at least twice a month - I miss those days. One other note, since becoming a Papaw he has also turned into a massive softie (which is cool to watch). It's been fun to watch him get ready for Rebekah.
2. An old student and friend sent me an email last night thanking me for being a father to him when he was fatherless and pointing to God as a constant Father. We had a couple of kids at church tonight who are dealing with tough father issues and i found myelf praying for them to experience and understand they have a perfect Father who loves them desperately. So I've been thinking about the Father to the fatherless and about my little girl sleeping in an orphanage in China. Even in her days before she was joined to our family, she had a Father watching over her and I pray that He will continue until we get there and beyond. I am so thankful that my kids have two dads and that One of us holds the world in His hands.
3. Somewhere in China there is a man who may or may not even know that he had a daughter. Either way he's experiencing Father's Day without her. I know nothing about him and probably never will, but his life has greatly affected mine. I've prayed for him a lot today. If you're a person who prays, take a moment for him would you?
All in all a good day.


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