Saturday, July 09, 2005

catching up

It's been a quiet couple of weeks with getting ready for vacation and starting to finalize plans for our jaunt to China for Rebekah. I'm catching up on my blog reading this morning and I thought I'd share some highlights (and lowlights)in leiu of actually saying anything original myself. Away we go.

An Ode to the Worship Tambourine from Mark Oestreicher
More Changes at Sesame Street via Jordon Cooper
Some thoughts on the "emerging church" and the recent "Emergent" organizational development.
Are We Ready to be a Movement? from John O'Keefe
12 (or so) Tension Points in the EC from Andrew Jones
How about an article on why SBC members should not support the ONE campaign? via Jesus Politics (short answer: Because the SBC has a group that tries to feed the poor too and they 1) Don't want members taking money from them to give to someone else and 2)Apparently know how to give your money better than you do to make sure it gets to the "right" people. Don't get me started.)
Great comparison of Revenge of the Sith and Batman Begins from Metaphilm
One more. Thoughts from Real Live Preacher on this picture

Enough for now. Feel free to enjoy or ignore all of it. There may be another post or two today, but we're off to CO tomorrow for a week. So have a good one.


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