Monday, August 01, 2005

speaking of old friends

I got to have breakfast with John from Kansas City Saturday. It is so good to spend time with people with whom you have history. In this midst of talking about all kinds of things, we moved through a conversation about when we took part in leading worship together for different things at chbc. Some of those nights it didn't matter if there was another soul in the room (some of those nights there weren't many other souls in the room), there was just something about going after Jesus with everything we could have and offering what we could to that pursuit. To that, though, there was the addition of playing and singing with people who lived in community together. Those strong connections to each other caused us to be more vulnerable and open in our expression and I think we also challenged each other to run faster after God. There is something about the community of friends that heightens those moments. Playing and singing and going after Jesus with that group of friends is really the only part of my life before Jacob's Well that I miss. That's not to lessen anything from JW. We have that same connectedness when we come together and I wouldn't trade what we have for anything. But there are some days when I think about how great it would be to get "the band" back together for just a night or two.

Lots of old friends in my world this weekend. Just great stuff.
while strains of "Memory" lift in the background


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