Friday, August 26, 2005

dear pat robertson

On behalf of every person on earth who is trying to follow Jesus and engage their world with the love and life and story of God, would you please shut up? I and others are sick of having to answer for your insanity. You have said we deserved 9/11, you have called "activist" judges "worse than terrorists", you have claimed God spoke to you about the "landslide" victory of 'W' (guess God has a different definition of landslide), you said we should nuke our own intelligence service. I have no idea what book you are reading from or what voices you are listening to. Perhaps it is time to step down (too late for gracefully) and let the last 10 or 20 people who still hang on your every word move on with their lives. It is definitely time for you to come on a show that people actually watch and apologize with a measure of sincerity and humility (you can look those words up in your concordance). I won't go so far as to pray for your "removal" (as you have done and encouraged others to do for the removal of certain Supreme Court Justices that you don't like), but I will be glad to donate a dollar or two to your retirement fund. I bet there are a whole lot of people just like me who would be ready to do the same.
Thanks and Bon Voyage.
PS - Having a lackey type a clarification for your web site while you're napping simply doesn't count as an apology. Words mean things and once they're out you can't get them back. People who think following Christ is a joke because of you and your ilk won't be passing by your site to check out the latest on "Operation Supreme Court Freedom".

For all of you who aren't Pat Robertson, if you haven't seem Jon Stewart's take from the Daily Show, you must. You can find it here or here.

OK, I feel better now. On to happier things.


Blogger Codeman said...

I don't even know what to say about this idiot, not only does he promote violence but also he lies about promoting violence. Can we come up with a new name for following the peaceful teaching of Christ because I am done with calling myself and being called christian by others.

11:50 AM  

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