Thursday, August 18, 2005

happy birthday hannah!

I cannot believe you are seven years old! In my mind you are still the little girl riding on my shoulders in Colorado in that picture by my desk. Even with that picture in my mind, when I watch you, I can see the amazing person you are and are becoming. From princess to tomboy and back again so fast it makes my head spin.
I'm so proud of how creative you are and how giving you are and how much you work to take care of people. I love every card and present you make for me and for everyone else. I love every kiss and hug and joke and conversation. I love the signs all over the house for shows and parties and celebrations that you throw. I love what a great big sister you are. I love your passion and the way you work so hard at everything you do. I love to hear you sing and watch you dance and be around while you are creating. Of everyone I know, you are the most constant expression of our being made in the image of a Creator.
I love you baby girl. Happy birthday.


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