Monday, August 01, 2005

and away we go

Ten hours from now we'll be in the air on our way to Minneapolis and Tokyo and Beijing. The next 36 hours will be a blur of airports, planes, airline food, skipped days, and moving closer. I'm hoping to at least be able to fire off a note from each of our stops (the blog doesn't get out much, so it's very excited).
For today, everything was packed up so early in the day we took off for a last "american" meal (at a mexican place) and caught a movie. Early to bed and then away we go.
A friend who got her daughter about 5 months ago emailed K today and said, "Right about now you are focusing on getting to China and have pushed being a new mom to the back of your mind." She nailed it. In the midst of all of the getting ready, I haven't stopped a lot to think through being a dad again. That feels good. A dad. Again. In six days I will have my arms around the little girl who has been my daughter in my heart for longer than she has graced the planet.
sounds good to me.


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