Sunday, March 26, 2006


I can't decide if I like posts that point to other things "out there" or hate them. However I feel about them, here we go. I have been catching up on my blog reading. Enjoy.

Atheist sells his soul on ebay this is a story worth following. Atheist guy offers a chance to covert him on ebay. Guy from off the map . org wins the auction and instead of working to convert him offers him the chance to check out churches and offer critiques. Interesting results so far.
the original article atheist guys blog about visited churches
via The Complex Christ

The Prince of Peace / The God of War
John Campea from The Movie Blog is working on a documentary about "The North American Christian Church and the issue of War and Pacifism in the midst of a Bush administration and Iraqi conflict. . ." Campea goes out of his way to note that the film is not about Bush and Iraq, it just sets the context. It has led to some interesting conversation in the comments section of the blog. I'll be tracking the progress.

Interesting article from Barbara Ehrenreich about the fastest growing jobs in the US. (a hint, you want fries with that?)

some 24-ness
Jack Bauer sound bites my favorite line of season 5 (so far)
Jack Bauer kill count Complete with weapon, picture, video and more.
via ysmarko

Wrestling for Jesus I have come across a couple of groups like this. This one looks like a lock-in gone horribly wrong. (edit) I can't pass this up, in the "training" section of the site is the following rule
Finally, wrestlers shall conduct themselves in a Christian manner when in and out of the ring whether they are at a show or not. We are warriors of Christ and therefore it is our duty to maintain an uplifting Christian manner to truly show the love of Christ.

via grrlmeetsworld

The Fight Club - Calvin and Hobbes connection If you liked both (the film and the comic strip), you'll enjoy this article from metaphilm.



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