Saturday, February 11, 2006

memories of the well (part 4) aka i'm a moron

I just found this draft that I never posted. Here's the final installment of the memories thread.
Where to even begin thinking about our Sunday night gatherings over the years? It seems like almost every night has something that sticks out as important to the growth and direction of our community. All I can hope for in this space are some highlights. So here goes...
  • Our very first gathering at Old Judge Coffee in OKC - Feb. 10, 2002
  • Our first worship "service" at Moore Golf and Country Club (thanks again Dane) where we borrowed almost everything we used from CHBC. Sound system, tables, chairs, projectors and more were trudged up stairs and set up for that night. Steve T. and his family were invaluable that night.
  • Our first Sunday night @ The Well. Bring-your-own-chair night (because we didn't have any). Amanda and Jamee with the cheap chairs from Target that turned out to be for children.
  • The Sunday night in September of 2002 when we started to gather weekly. Many of the folks who make up our community today were there for the first time that night.
  • Our first birthday when the place was absolutely packed.
  • The Sunday after the Friday night fiasco with the atheists. Confession and searching and connection with a God of grace.
  • One word - legos.
  • Summer picnic gatherings over the years. Especially the one we managed to get Bruce and Kyle and Whitney to join us for.
  • All of the amazing elements that have been a part of "bring-your-own-worship" nights. Winged Migration with Crowder in the background will forever stick out.
  • The night of the labrynth.
  • The night we prayed at Corey and Melisha's for an hour and a half straight.
  • All of the parents and grandparents (and great uncles) who have come to check us out over the years.
  • The night we talked about worship and indviduality when we "freed" everyone to just connect and worship in whatever way seemed right. I will never forget Josh walking out the back door with Dr. Peppers for the guys who were skating in the alley.
  • The first time Corey sang "our" song.
  • Prayers prayed, songs sung, art created, conversations, old and new friends, saying hello and goodbye, blessings offered, moments made that pointed out hearts and lives to the God we dream with.
Our story through these first four years has taken us all over the country and around the world. From OKC / Norman to Pheonix, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Santa Fe, and Houston. From The Well to Moscow, Uganda, China, and who knows where else. It has been our joy to ride with God on this incredible journey and I look to the days ahead confident that He who began this good work will be faithful to complete it.
To the friends who have walked this road with us, thanks.
To the God who makes the road and carries us down it, what can be said?
Thank You.


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