Wednesday, February 01, 2006

memories of the well (part 1)

As we run up to our 4th birthday and get ready to end our days at The Well, I have been thinking a lot about the last four years. Over the next couple of weeks I'm going to fire off some memories about our journey so far. If you are a part of our community or have had any connnection with us, please add your stories in the comments sections, I'd love to hear them.
Since we have spent so much time over the years doing renovations, I thought that would be a good place to start. I won't remember everyone who has helped -- that's not really the point, just some of the moments that stick in my mind.
In no particular order, I remember. . .
Getting to know Quentin while priming the back for hours
Thomas painting the floor in the back
The very first workday / cleanup with Steve, Mark, Krystal, Jennifer, Amanda, Rebecca, Mom, and others I'm sure.
Green, blue, yellow, red. Beautiful.
Steve going after the built-in shelves in the back with a sledgehammer. Good stuff.
My brother and I cleaning the back with a pressure washer and watching it peel off the paint and bore holes in the old bricks.
Tearing out the old floor in The Well
My other brother helping me hang sheet rock in the front.
Tearing out the old sheet rock and concrete with Liz late one Tuesday night.
Priming the back with Stephen and Ashley
Late night sheetrocking upstairs with Josh and Jonathan
Painting the hallway floor upstairs with Caleb.
Kent and Mark tearing out plaster in room 3.
Hours and hours with the whole community working upstairs
One word - refrigerator.
Oceans of paint, miles of sheet rock, mountains of texture, hours of life spent together, more stories than I could possibly tell.
Laughter, frustration, sweat, blood, maybe a tear or two, lots of dreams. Good days.


Coming next - the friends we've made along the way.


Blogger Jaci said...

I definitely remember the first time we saw the space that would become The Well. We all noticed the red, blue, yellow, and green that you mentioned and dubbed it the "ADD Wall." It was quite preschool-ish. I also remember me messing up the paint upstairs on several occasions because I can never stay within the lines, as has been the case my whole life. I have several articles of clothing that remind me of painting upstairs because I always managed to get some paint somewhere on my clothes. Again, that's kind of a life-long curse.

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