Saturday, January 07, 2006

adventures in fatherhood - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Ah what days Saturdays turn out to be.
The Good (insert whistles here) - basketball with Caleb. We goofed around in the driveway this morning and then he had his first game this afternoon. It is so fun watching someone do something they love so much. (btw - 14pts, 5 steals, and a handful of rebounds)
The Bad (still whistling?) - Caleb calls me from a birthday party where he has just won a game for which the prize was a bb gun. "Can I have it?". I think he knew when he called what the answer would be, but it never hurts to ask. Nothing sucks more than disappointing your kids, but to the big man's credit he took it well and even told me when he got home (unprompted) that he understood why I said no.
The Ugly (enough with the whistles already) - We spent part of the afternoon watching OU throw away (literally) their Big XII opener against Nebraska. We geared up tonight in our Jacksonville threads and then sat to watch the Jags get their heads (and other various parts) handed to them by the Patriots. Sigh. Opening Day is coming.

With school looming on the horizon for the kids and for me, it has been good to spend the past couple of weeks connected deeply with all of them. Being a dad goes high on the list of good stuff.


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