Saturday, December 03, 2005

seeing Jesus everywhere

No, not like that.
In looking at one story of a man who has found the image of Jesus in the dirt on the tailgate of his truck (of course it's in Texas), I started wondering what other places Jesus has popped up recently. So in the spirit (Spirit?) of Truck-Dirt Jesus I bring you...

Apartment Window Jesus (Fort Worth, Texas)

Fish Bone Jesus (Luther, OK)

Shower Mold Jesus (Pittsburg, PA)

Dental X-Ray Jesus (Pheonix, AZ)

Oyster Shell Jesus (Switzerland)

Maple Tree Jesus (Rochester, NY)

Sand Dune Jesus

Tortilla Jesus
For those of you in need of your own personal appearance, here's a link to instructions for creating your very own Jesus Toast.
That's right, we provide nothing but the best in information and education here at curious wonder.
What does it say that even the "faithful" are so desperate to see Jesus that they flock to see Him in shower mold?


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