Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the quote of the year

K and I took Rebekah to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch today. Our daughter who doesn't know the English or Chinese word for shy was doing her usual routine of entertaining the wait staff and the people seated around us. Next to us was a woman in her late 50's / early 60s who talked to Rebekah and to us several times during the meal. As we were getting things together to leave, the woman tells us how pretty and cute Rebekah is and we are responding in all of the appropriate ways parents are supposed to when the woman then says...

I've been looking at her and trying to decide which one of you she looks like.

Surely she was kidding? No she was not. It was all we could do to get to the parking lot before we broke down laughing.
As to the question, I'll let you decide.

Spittin' image, no?


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