Wednesday, September 14, 2005

wednesday morning randomness

New Napoleon Dynamite sightings. He and Pedro are doing ads for the Utah State Fair, go to Napoleon's Sweet Ads on the left. All I say is "do you see any flippin' sasquatches around here?"

ysmarko points us to a church with attendance-based salaries for staff members. Healthy, no?

I finally saw What the Bleep do We Know? last night. Wow. Great film, really well done. There's some amazing stuff and some really goofy stuff, but if you bring the context of Christianity into it, there is a lot of God to find there. If you bring most other contexts to it, you could wind up more in love with yourself than most of us already are. Interesting stuff.

On the church sign front (always), we have this entry from the loving folks at Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Tyler, TX. I refuse to link to their site, but you can Google it if you're looking for an email address to share your thoughts on the subject.

On the far more hopeful church front, check out these videos on Katrina from While you're there, consider making a donation to the church communities that are directly working with evacuees and survivors. (Note:WHBC in Tyler would not be on that list)

Happy Surfing.


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