Tuesday, January 03, 2006

looking back on 2005

Ah, time to wax nostalgic. Just what you were waiting for, right? In thinking about the past year, a lot of things stick out. Like...
turning 35 (dang, 35?)
Jacob's Well turning 3 years old
my 8 days in the hospital (wheeeeeeee)
the decision to go back to school (because two degrees are never enough)
lots of changes and growth in business stuff that's too boring to get into
the end of the line for my book (for now anyway)
the wait for our referral
seeing Rebekah's face for the first time come up on my computer screen
everything that went into the trip to China
holding her in my arms for the first time

All in all, I'd say it was a great year. How could I not? If I had to think of the one thing (thanks Curly) of the year, I would have to say that this is the year that it finally struck me how big the world really is. From the tsunami and events in Southern Asia to our journey to China to events in the Middle East to genocide and disease in Africa and beyond it seems like over and over my awareness of the bigness and diversity and need of the world has exploded. I've always known it was a big place, but something has caused my eyes and my heart to open wider to the reality that exists in front of me. Coming with the expansion of the world has been a creeping awareness of the love of God for every single human that is currently (and has and will) hanging out on the planet. I can still see the faces of people we passed on the streets in Beijing and Nanchang. I can see the workers and children at the orphanage in Fenyi. I can see jet-setting Japanese businessmen flying past us to get on a plane in Tokyo. I see Nancy and Dancun (our Compassion children in Africa). I see faces of people with no connection to me except that we are both human and both created in the image and likeness of a God that is desperately in love with all of us. I'm finding myself overwhelmed by the enormity of this at times. I think that's a good thing though.
So as 2006 takes off, here's what you can expect from curiouswonder.
the world and God in it
school, school, school, school
slowness and simplicity
big changes coming in life
I'm sure tons of conversation about books. go figure.
lots of random internet goofiness that always seems to crop up
NO pat or jerry references this year. except this one. whoops.

Enough for tonight. There will be some changes in the format and look to the place over the next couple of weeks so enjoy those and feel free to comment on them or anything else.
Happy 2006 to all and to all a good night.


Blogger Josh said...

"school, school, school, school
slowness and simplicity"

Umm, yeah, I think you purposely put these next to each other in ironic humor!

4:28 PM  

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