Friday, January 06, 2006

interesting randomness

Dead Tree Newspapers in a Wired World - Great Commentary on the Needless Waste Caused by Print News
CNN video on ways to deal with life's annoyances (as if I needed any more ideas) - look for making the Moost of it
On living with just enough (ht to becky @ grrlmeetsworld)
What Starbuck's doesn't want you to know - You can get a better, stronger, cheaper cappuccino for less, all you have to do is ask. (ht to jordon cooper)
You need the new Charlie Hall CD - Flying into Daybreak hits the stores (and itunes) on January 24. It sounds a ton more like Charlie than On the Road to Beautiful (which I love, but there are some moments that just don't make sense) Check his site if for no other reason than to view the video of the guys in the studio.


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