Tuesday, January 17, 2006

day in the life of a 35 year old sociology student

Anecdotes and observations of the day
Why would the Army come to campus on the first day of class to recruit? Doesn't it make more sense to come in May when some have lost hope?
Desks are smaller than they used to be.
My first prof has a clearly standing joke about how he has been teaching at OU since 1977 - before anyone in the class was born (rim shot). As he was delivering the line, he caught my eye and realized it wasn't true. His groove was thrown.
Profs still write their names on the chalkboard. With chalk. Who knew?
The young lady who handed me a "Blood and Water" tract to help me find Jesus seemed a bit apologetic about the whole thing. Maybe it's like an initiation thing for some campus christian group.
The ipod is destroying the community of campus life. No one talks to each other, they just all bob their heads to different beats.
After 10 years, I still get happy about being let out of class early.

I survived. I'll probably even go back on Thursday. The kids are asking how was my first day of school. I'm waiting for them to ask if I made lots of friends and it I like my teachers. that's what they always get from us.
Homework? Who knew?


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