Friday, January 20, 2006

quick quiz on parental responsibility

Pardon me while I vent. Pencils ready?
1. Your child bites another child in the child care area of your gym. Do you...
a. Claim little Genghis would never do such a thing and go the denial / the other kid probably brought it on themselves route?
b. Take the little piranha and find the parents of the 17 month old little girl with two new sets of bite marks on her shoulder and apologize to them?
c. Grab your kid, tuck your tail between your legs and run home before the aforementioned parents can find out what your little precious has done?

2. You darling little boy pushes a younger, smaller girl out of a swing, tearing her sweater in the process. Do you...
a. Contact the parents of the girl and apologize and offer to replace the clothing?
b. Hide behind the school's policy of not handing out information to other parents for "the protection of the students"? (the irony of that one almost knocked me over)
c. Shrug, laugh and say "Boys will be boys" while buying little Rasputin the new Eminem CD he wants for his 8th birthday?

It's been a tough week for little girlsl at our house. Maybe an even tougher week to be the dad. Parents never cease to amaze / infuriate me. How do you not at least own up and apologize for the actions of your kids? Even if they aren't old enough to know better (although the boy who pushed Hannah certainly is), don't you at least tell other parents you're sorry their child was hurt? Apparently not here in the 'burbs. Personal responsibility is not currently "in".
Thus endeth the rant.


Blogger Karen said...

Good parenting has all but fallen out of "practice" it would seem. Very sad, especially for those of us who still insist our children show respect, own up to mistakes and behave well.

I enjoyed your post


3:09 PM  

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