Wednesday, February 08, 2006

memories of the well (part 3)

O the Friday nights. Punk, rock, pop, ska, acoustic, classics, good, bad, ugly, young, old, solo artists, eight member ensembles, no-shows and shows we wish hadn't. Live music at The Well was a lot of things, but it was seldom boring (not never, but seldom). There's no way to list all of the memories, but some highlights . . .
  • The very first show with Matt and Tyler
  • The guy who rolled in stoned out of his mind, nearly took a swing at me, and ended up being escorted away by Norman's finest during the Three Day Sabbatical show.
  • The first Spared show when over 125 people crammed into the place.
  • Bands like Lazurus IV, Remnant, and Trent Malloy that consistently packed the place every time they played.
  • Every fun punk band that came in a played 12 songs in 25 minutes.
  • The night Mindstorm played to Justin and Justin alone.
  • The only show we ever shut down due to content.
  • The show we should have shut down due to content. One of the worst nights of my existence.
  • The night of "Christian" bands when our donation basket was robbed.
So many more, but it's late. For those who were around in those days, add yours in the comments.
I'll wrap up the memories this weekend with thoughts about Sunday nights.


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