Sunday, February 05, 2006

memories of the well, part 2

The past four years have been a blur of faces coming in and out of The Well for Open Mics, art events, other live music events, and sometimes just to be there for a while. There is no way I can name all of the friends we've made along the way, but here are some that stick out in my mind.

Pat the tornado guy - our very first "friend".
Rick - Need I say more?
Rebel - ditto
The guy that came in one Sunday night with rebel and paul and snored through the gathering.

Open Mic friends
Bruce and Kyle (or is it Annie?)
Two words - Daddy Love
The comedy stylings of Stan
Shannon and his friend who's name I could never remember (any help?)
John M and the coal mine song
John S
Quentin E and the chai
Taio (sp?)
The Rev. David S

So many, many more. Help me out in the comments.


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