Friday, March 03, 2006

worth a watch

Did you see Tony Campolo on The Colbert Report the other night? I can't say that I agree with everything that Campolo says (although I probably agree with 98% of it), but I have to like him. I'm not sure I'm comfortable with his "red letter Christians" tag. Not that I don't think the red letters (a reference to most Bibles where the words of Jesus are printed in red) are vital, but it seems almost arrogant to claim that your "side" has a stronger claim to taking those words seriously. The "evangelical left" does take things like social justice and pacifism more seriously (and that's why I find myself there often), I just don't like creating another category. All that being said, it's nice to see a "public" face of Christianity that doesn't seem all that angry.
The clip is worth watching if for nothing other than Tony's "manure and ice cream" anaology to describe church / state.
Watch the clip (look for Tony Campolo and enjoy)
Tests are over for now. The silence will be broken.
I guess it just was.


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