Wednesday, May 26, 2004

emergent convention highlights

just some stuff from ec nashville that was cool, different, amazing, worth checking out


harp46 - trio w/ celtic harp, bass, and hand percussion. led us in worship on saturday and were great

peter nevland - "spoken groove artist". it's like slam poetry meets dave matthews. lots of free mp3s and a couple of videos on his site. check out flobgob.

andy hunter - this was amazing. dj-led techno worship from the UK. i know, it sounds a little odd. you have to trust me on this one. be sure to check out his online audio player.

highway video - created some beautiful images to enhance and stir worship

it wasn't all worship. i had heard a lot of the speakers before, but some of them have so much to say and i click with so strongly that hearing again was no big deal.
chris seay
doug pagitt
brian mclaren
brennan manning - my new goal in life may be to know Jesus like this guy does. if i live to be 150 i may have a shot.

anyway. i hope interacting with some of this stuff will be meaningful for whoever reads this. the week was great refreshment and provided some significant moments both personally and for our community.

back in the saddle


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