Monday, April 05, 2004

random thoughts from opening day

1. listening to joe morgan and jon miller from espn call a game is like listening to two guys in a nursing home reminiscing about breakfast. if it weren't for tim mccarver, those guys would be the worst announcers in baseball.

2. george bush threw out the opening day first pitch in st. louis. it wasn't opening day(three games had already been played). it wasn't the first pitch (several other games had already started). it was for the cardinals (picked third at best in the central). typical bush -- way behind and propping up futility. the good news is, after watching him throw the first pitch, ashcroft won't need to worry about testing him for steroids.

3. just for the record, the cubs are on pace to go 162-0. life is good.

happy opening (well kind of) day


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