Wednesday, March 10, 2004

the biggest problem facing america in 2004

is apparently steroids in baseball.


president bush calls athletes out in his state of the union address, congress is investigating, John McCain is mouthing off about it, ashcroft is personally going after BALCO labs, and spring training is dominated not by who will win it all, but by who is juiced.

i love baseball. it ticks me off that there are guys who are cheating, including a notable player for the cubs who has lost about 30 pounds since the whole steroid thing started up last year (i'm sure he's just eating better). but seriously -- this is the most significant thing the leaders of our country have to do with their time?

apparently poverty, the underfunding of public education, the cost of higher education, drugs, terrorism, crime, war, the economy, jobs, etc. all take a back seat to steroids in baseball followed closely by gay marriage.
don't get me wrong, i don't like those things either, but i don't think they are the biggest items on the american plate.

misdirection -- the new national passtime


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