Monday, February 16, 2004

kansas city is cool

i had no idea. K and i just got back from KC for the weekend and it was a blast. we stayed in a decent hotel in the westport district, but we didn't find ourselves there much because there was so much stuff worth doing.

some highlights
amazing food at places like stroud's (do the oak ridge manor location -- it's wortht the drive and the wait and canyon cafe (quick tip -- if you go on valentine's day, have a reservation it will save you a couple of hours) and amazing burgers at the flea market in westport (no really).
a couple of quality hours at the american jazz museum -- they have a spot where you can sit and listen to their collection of hundreds of jazz CDs, i could have been there a looooonnnnnggggggg time. K ran out of louis armstrong CDs pretty quickly, so we left.
coffee (well hot chocolate for me) at hi hat coffee -- totally worth the time you'll spend finding it.
the mother of all used book stores - spivey's in the westport district. this place has thousands of books, maps, prints, etc. it is floor to ceiling, 2 stories plus a basement, of stuff from last week and over 200 years ago. we walked out with 5 books the newest of which was published in 1976 and three children's books that were published in 1916, 1914, and 1905 respectively. we could have done a lot more.
the nelson - atkins art museum was incredible too. i stood nose to nose (?) with originals from van gogh, monet, warhol, pollack, manet, gauguin and more. and it's free! a lot of the collection is under wraps right now while renovation goes on, but what they have out is very nice.
shopping at the plaza. yes i shopped. well, mostly i followed K around while she shopped. but the area is incredibly cool. it is a massive shooping / entertainment / food district.

there was more, but you're bored. i would go back in a heartbeat and do a lot of the same things again. if you're looking to get away, it's only five hours from okc (5 very boring hours by the way).

this message brought to you by the KC department of tourism and the letter W


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