Thursday, February 12, 2004


does it even exist anymore?

i'm not talking about "absolute" truth that is such the war between moderns and postmoderns. i'm just talking about accurate reporting of facts as they actually happened. i have been listening up and down the dail to different versions of talk radio in an attempt to remove myself from the "sports(book) animal" and i keep hearing the same stories told 15 different ways by 10 different "reporters". it's no better on TV or on the internet. everything is spun and respun so much that there is no way to know what really happened short of being there. we are told that we should vote and care and be involved in the events of our country and world, but then the same people tell us who to listen to to get the facts to make us "informed". if we listen to moby or michael moore or MTV, bush is the antichrist. if we listen to fox news or rush or hannity, he is the leader we must have for the days ahead.

we can't even get the straight news on atkins. they report that he was obese and had heart problems when he died and then his side comes out to explain why. what's true?

i know my philosopher friends cringe at all of this truth talk and i understand where they are coming from. i guess i'm looking for "just the facts" so i can be intelligent and decide things for myself.

does joe friday have a radio show?


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