Thursday, May 06, 2004

this just in

major league baseball is officially run by chimpanzees. these rocket scientists struck a deal with columbia pictures to put the "artwork" for spiderman 2 on the BASES during major league games for a weekend in june. what? thankfully, within 24 hours they announced that they would not be spidifying MLB due to the blitz of negative responses they received. this was part of their brilliant plan to market the game to younger fans. thanks bud "i never met an all-star game tie i didn't like", "what do you mean it's a conflict of interest", "sure mr. steinbrenner and while you're at it, clone babe ruth and bring him back" selig.
i'm no genius, but maybe part of the key to bringing young fans to the game is making it possible for young fans to go to games without having to forfeit their college fund to get a decent seat and some food.
these guys really did sit around in a room, come up with this idea, and think they had done well. if you read what selig is saying today, he's genuinely shocked at the backlash.
oh wow. i just found a picture. click here if you dare.

selig should be the villian for spiderman 3 -- except that then he would want his picture on the bases.


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