Saturday, April 10, 2004

i finally did it

kenda and i went to see the passion of the christ this afternoon. for the record, good friday is a good day to do things like that. initial thoughts -- it was beautiful. it was painful. as a film, it was incredible -- the look , the casting, the acting, the images -- wow. as a "cinema sacrament" (i've heard it called that a couple of times to try and describe the personal spiritual element of the movie) i think i will need some time to think through that. as i walked out of the theater past ads for things like spiderman2, shrek2, dodge ball, and more i thought about how silly most of life is compared to that story. i'm not sure where that thread of thought goes, but i know it has been playing around the edges of my mind for the past few weeks and now it is in the front. lots to think about. i'm not sure if i'll be around for a while.

peaceful good friday to all


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