Thursday, May 06, 2004

and in other news

just a quick summary of the news on channel four tonight.

guthrie children were in danger (their word) due to a school bus driver who was caught shop lifting on a field trip to bass pro
if you have hail damage on your car you can take it to a place that fixes dents and they will take them out.
a local mother freaks out because there are drugs in a local high school
a woman got sick and suddenly died. (seriously, that's news in OKC)
you should not buy underwear at dillards, victorias secret, ross, or target because they might have been tried on by someone else and are therefore dangerous (again their word). i won't get into why, feel free to use your imagination. so what if gas prices have risen 40 cents / gallon in a month, we have to run with the secondhand scivies segment. lives are at stake!

war? what war?
i guess it's just more fun to make up things to be worried about.


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