Friday, May 05, 2006

must see video

I think I have told the story here about the little girl from the orphanage in Fenyi who was coming to America to have surgery to correct a severe facial abnormality. Gong Lu has been for for about amonth and today she made an appearance on the Today show.
The thing that struck all of us about this little girl was her beautiful smile (which you can see in the picture to the left)and spirit in spite of her problem. She was the first to meet us coming off the bus and the last to wave goodbye as we left. To watch her today with the same smile was overwhelming. The clip is about 10 minutes long, but completely worth it. Also featured in the clip is the director, Ms. Xu. As we watched it this afternoon, Rebekah very clearly reacted to the faces and Mrs. Xu's voice. Fun stuff.
Watch the clip (since is't from, you have to use internet explorer - sorry about that).


Blogger Jaci said...

I don't remember you talking about it, but I saw the today show video yesterday on the internet. I thought about Rebekah when they said that she was from an orphanage in China, but I didn't realize that it was the same one or that you had met her. That's amazing! What a great story!

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