Wednesday, April 19, 2006

a day in the life

Looking back at today, I understand why I am
1) very tired
2) contemplating the possibility of schizophrenia
strap in and enjoy...

7:30 - Dad guy wakes up and helps get kids ready and off to school
8:30 - Jacob's Well finiancial secretary guy pays some bills for the church
8:45 - Web Design guy catches up on some emails and types up invoices
9:15 - Student Guy leaves for the library but makes some calls for Web Design guy on the way
9:45 - Student guy settles in to do Stats homework, finish a book, and write a paper. He's again interupted by Design guy who gets a couple of emails at the library.
Noon - Guy who insists on reading things that have nothing to do with school to prove his life is still his own drops off a couple of books at the library, drives through for lunch and eats in the park while reading (this guy asserts himself often)
1:20 - Photographer guy head off to shoot several houses in a neighborhood in Yukon
4:20 - Dad Guy hangs out with the kids for a few before...
5:00 - Dad / Coach guy heads to the ballpark for 9 year old baseball
7:30 - Dad guy gets to hang out with kids until bedtime
8:30 - Husband guy sits with the wife for a few
9:15 - Web Design guy calls a client to walk through some features of his new site
9:45 - Student guy gets ready to do a take-home test but...
9:50 - Web Design guy gets a call from the previously mentioned client with one more question
10:10 - Student guy sits down to take the stats test
10:40 - Guy who wishes he could blog more sits down to whine about his day
11:05 - Freaking Web Design Guy has to get some work done tonight before bed but Cub fan guy insists on listening to the game while work goes on.
Variety is good.
I need more hats.


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