Wednesday, January 21, 2004

but wait...i have found a candidate!

cruising around blogdom today i found an endorsement for the one guy wh makes sense to me. in the grand tradition of Ahnold, Fred "Gopher" Grandy, Sonny Bono, and Fred Thompson, I have found an actor that i can fully get behind for president in 2004. who is this political savior? none other than. . .

bill murray in 2004!

think about his qualifications
he has served in the military with distinction (Stripes)
he is pro-science (Ghostbusters)
he cares about kids (Meatballs)
he is a financial wiz who still cares about the little people (Scrooged)
he is tough on (gopher) terrorists (Caddyshack)
most importantly -- he is the most rabid cub fan on the planet

i could get behind this guy.
think about it.
he couldn't be any worse than the rest of the chuckleheads who are running.

i should use the word chucklehead more often


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