Saturday, January 10, 2004

will it ever end?

apparently my crusade to rid the "christian" world of marquees has failed miserably. i drove past a church on the south side of okc (nameless for now) with a marquee that read

eternal fire insurance available here

oh my. please tell me no. i nearly drove off the road (which would only have been a good thing if my car was pointed at the sign)
what are these people thinking? is that supposed to be funny? (it's not) is it supposed to be evangelistic? is it supposed to make me think "those people are really cool about things. they can even joke about hell. i should look for Jesus there"?
i really just don't understand. i don't want to understand.

one of the greatest fears / gripes that nonchristians have about "christians" is that they believe they will be judged by them if they go to church. here is a church that eliminates the middle man and judges them from the street. no need to walk in there. the only good thing about the sign is that it pretty much guarantees no one who is seeking Jesus will accidentally find their way in.

why not say "Jesus available here", "love available here", "hope available here", for God's sake even "left behind available here"? why dumb down salvation and life in Christ to the thing most of us hate the most -- dealing with insurance?

and while we're (i'm) at it. it is unfathomable to me that churches (and i assume pastors) offer Jesus out as a "get out of hell free card". is that all He is to these people? i don't think they would say that, i hope they wouldn't, then why advertise Him like that? i'm not just talking about my friendly neighborhood south-side church now. i know of waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people in ministry that think this way. just get them "saved" and whatever. if the best thing you can offer about Jesus is that he keeps you from hell, you've been reading the wrong book. if that's all Jesus is, why have church? go ahead and close down and take your sign with you.

man this thing is cheaper than therapy


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