Friday, January 09, 2004

the world will offically end in about 15 minutes

Ventura to Be Harvard Visiting Fellow
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - The Body is heading to Harvard.

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, known as Jesse "The Body" during his pro wrestling career, will join Harvard's Institute of Politics as a visiting fellow for part of the spring semester, institute spokesman Andy Solomon said Thursday.

Solomon said Ventura would be considered the same as any other visiting fellow, his colorful history notwithstanding.

"We'll draw on his expertise and experience as we would with any other fellow," Solomon said. "We've certainly had experience dealing with well-known personalities before."

Solomon said specifics of Ventura's time at the institute, which is part of the John F. Kennedy School of Government, have not been completed. The institute invited him to Cambridge at the suggestion of students, Solomon said.

Once known for wearing a feather boa into the wrestling ring, Ventura served four stormy years as governor of Minnesota. His one term ended when he decided in 2002 not to run again.

He began hosting an MSNBC show called "Jesse Ventura's America" in October, but the network took the show off air the last month.

what an amazing country


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