Saturday, January 10, 2004

called out by the burry man

in response to a blog posted Fri, December 5 where i stated that i was checking out a site called burry man but i didn't know why it was called that, i received this email tonight.

burry man - i have no idea why it is called burry man, but it is a loaded
site for writers and people into that kind of thing."

Gee, J, guess you didn't look at the middle of our front page, where it says
exactly why...

Thanks for dropping in.

The Burry Man Writers Center
a worldwide community of writers

in my defense it is posted on the front page of the site, but at the bottom where ADD folks like me never look. i got into the links on the left of the page and never looked back. anyway, i think this is good natured so with that in mind. . .

thank YOU for dropping in burry man


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